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Our possibilities

Using CAD-assisted computer-aided design, we are able to model both individual parts and complete assemblies. CAD design is not only the modeling of parts and assemblies, but also their analysis in terms of strength and thermal. Thanks to the use of professional software in CAD design, engineers have easy access to libraries, know-how of construction knowledge, and the client gains a full value proposition. We base our project not only on the possibilities of a computer program, but also on physical calculations using a sheet of paper, a pen and a calculator.

The range of our achievements is wide and also includes complicated machines for the industry. We will undertake the implementation of the cad project with any degree of complexity. We will implement a cad project requiring an innovative approach and using unconventional solutions.

We follow technical innovations and industry literature on an ongoing basis, subscribing among others to the magazine “Designing and Engineering Structures”.

Our solutions

We have the necessary, extensive construction knowledge that allows you to “dress”
in the construction rules any customer idea. In the pursuit of creating an optimal structure, a compromise solution is usually applied, in which the requirements set by the client are taken into account. We indicate to the client the existing design possibilities, especially those that are particularly useful when searching for the optimal solution. Therefore, apart from fluent knowledge of a computer program, knowledge is necessary in the field of materials science, electrical engineering, electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, general mechanics and such departments as statics, kinematics, dynamics and many issues related to the optimization process.

Before the CAD design process takes place, we present the client with a number of construction solutions for the product, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the existing capabilities, their pros and cons, and then choose the variant with the highest technical and economic parameters. We always strive for a simple construction solution, which reduces the cost of the product. To increase the product’s efficiency, we increase the number of standard parts, while reducing their types. Whenever possible, we use round parts that are easy to make in terms of technology.

Photos collected in a short gallery show only some of our realizations.


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