CERTYFI-CAD is a design office established in 2012 in the innovative city of Rzeszów. Its activities include carrying out unique tasks in the field of machine and device design and other orders in the mechanical engineering industry. We are aware that industrial enterprises require a systematic introduction of tools that will ensure product quality improvement and thus guarantee development. In every job, we try to listen closely to customers’ needs, and that is why we can create a project that is the easiest way and a springboard to success. We also seek to maintain a permanent relationship and serve as an advisor who will guide the client through successive steps on the way to the desired result.

We employ qualified engineers with extensive knowledge and experience gained during the implementation of various projects. What’s more, our crew is distinguished by excellent knowledge of 3D design software. As a result, we can undertake very ambitious jobs with varying degrees of complexity.

We provide our services throughout Poland. It is also important that we cooperate with a professional company from Rzeszów, which has its own metalworking and powder paint shop, as well as the necessary production machines, such as milling machines and lathes.

We ensure an individual approach to each project. In all cases, we agree on the scope of design work with the client and propose the best option to achieve the desired effect as soon as possible. We can also adapt to changing design assumptions.

We offer, among other things:

  • technical support during the development of prototype machines and devices,
  • design support during the implementation of large and complex engineering orders,
  • creating technical documentation for patent purposes or obtaining EU subsidies,
  • creating complete machine and device designs to implement them into production,
  • outsourcing services, which allow you to:
    • separate some performed functions from the structure of the (client’s) enterprise and transfer them to be completed by our company,
    • lower the costs and control them more effectively,
    • acquire resources that the company does not have, including expert knowledge and know-how of the partners,
  • increasing your enterprise’s flexibility in the changing economic situation.

Let’s get to know each other better!