We are a specialised design office that provides comprehensive services, including designing machines and devices using electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drives. We also offer the development of production and processing lines as well as the design of injection moulds. Moreover, we prepare technical documentation, carry out strength analyses for all types of loads, and create photorealistic visualisations for design purposes. We also design furniture in the Woodwork for Inventor program. However, that’s not all we can do for you. We present the full range of our services below.

Our design office in Rzeszów uses modern tools and achievements to develop technical and technological solutions. As a result, you are guaranteed to receive properly designed articles and processes, including required technical documentation. We develop single products, as well as highly complex projects. The whole process consists of the following steps: an innovative idea, specialised design, prototype, development of production technology and complete production line. Naturally, we also provide supervision over the product before and during production. In our activities, we want to provide customers with innovative solutions that contribute to optimising production processes. With us, you can achieve the success you deserve!