The development of many new techniques, such as 3D scanning, contributed to creating innovative solutions supporting the production process. Reverse Engineering is worth mentioning here. The main advantage of the method is high profitability.

The most important feature of this type of process is recreating a part of a machine or the entire machine. It concerns parts that no longer have technical documentation or the manufacturer of which can’t be found. This solution considerably simplifies and speeds up the design process because it doesn’t require the tedious and often time-consuming measuring of every unit or part.

In our company, this process is carried out taking into account the following stages:

  • 3D scanning of the machine or parts and converting the obtained point cloud into the surface;
  • designing a virtual prototype based on the collected measurement data;
  • determining technological parameters such as roughness, dimensional class, etc. based on the assumed functionality and acceptable production capabilities of the Customer;
  • re-scanning of the machine or part and final verification of the accuracy of execution;
  • evaluating the prototype by the Customer and producing the machine or part.