Using CAD for designing technological tooling

Using CAD for designing technological tooling

Technological tools are the basis for the implementation of the production process of the companies. They work exceptionally well when we deal with high volume production, which is why they are an indispensable element in the operation of production companies. Our offer is addressed to organisations from various industries that mainly want to:

  • obtain real profit from the implementation of technological tooling,
  • increase efficiency,
  • improve the quality and increase the repeatability of production,
  • improve work safety.

We offer design services, including:

  • robotic welding stations based on FANUC, ABB, KUKA, YASKAWA robots;
  • welding machines based on the technology that already exists in a given workplace so that it does not deviate from the standards used in the company;
  • simple “ordinary” devices, made using mechanical fasteners such as nuts, levers, screws;
  • more “sophisticated” complex devices, e.g. based on pneumatics;
  • welding instructions for the assembly, taking into account the welding sequence determined with the welder, e.g. “Welding procedure sheet”, “Welding plans”;
  • assembly equipment;
  • machining tools;
  • plastic forming devices.