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Systematic progress is the basis and necessity of every undertaking. So, heading in this direction and responding to the increasing number of inquiries and orders, we decided to purchase a new 3D CAD workstation. It is a solution used for the so-called digital prototyping: design, visualisation, simulation, strength, thermal and dynamic analyses, and creating assembly manuals, also interactive ones.

In addition, we received help from Arkance Systems based in Łódź. As part of this cooperation, we received a full Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate toolkit and assistance in installing and launching the purchased software. As a result, we received important information and tools that meet our expectations.

Due to the vast experience of Arkance Systems employees and excellent cooperation with our office, we quickly launched a modern engineering post and started performing better, comprehensive CAD services for our Clients.
We would also like to emphasise that we use 100% of the possibilities offered by Inventor Professional and Autocad in our work, and these possibilities are enormous. When providing CAD services, we encounter typical design problems every day, which we can quickly solve thanks to our excellent knowledge of the software. That is why we perform the tasks our clients entrusted to us quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, professionally.