Industry is the foundation for the economy of every country, and it creates the opportunity for development. It’s industry that stimulates a country’s growth, so we should support this sector in every possible way. Hence we came up with the idea of our company, which fits perfectly into this branch of the economy. We have extensive experience and fully qualified engineering staff. We create advanced projects that meet the very high demands of the modern market. Constructing machines and devices is our passion which we strive to improve. We look to our laurels and constantly expand our knowledge. With our help, you will create a first-rate product that will guarantee the development of your company. We will bring every idea into life, even a complicated one, because there is no task we can’t fulfil.

Why should you work with our company?

We don’t divide projects into easy or difficult. Each job is a priority for us, and we approach it with great care and total commitment. We are not afraid of new challenges because they continuously drive our development. We believe that without problems to be solved and needs to be satisfied, humankind wouldn’t achieve the current level of technological development. We are experts in the industry, so the projects we create are always of the highest quality, and they meet all standards. We have a history of many completed jobs and satisfied customers. Each day we face new challenges that we overcome with the utmost care and precision. We provide design services both for companies that don’t have their design departments and those looking for additional support in implementing complex projects.

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projektowanie maszyn i urządzeń
  • Excellent quality

    We carry out all projects with total commitment and diligence. In addition, we take account of the optimal procedure, which allows us to predict the consequences of a specific action with high accuracy.

  • Low costs

    The fact that our design office is operating remotely is a guarantee of lower production costs

  • Short waiting time

    We value our clients' time, so we complete the entrusted tasks as quickly as possible,

  • Design support

    We guarantee to introduce all changes and dimensional corrections from the design phase to the final production

  • Regular contact and friendly service

    We believe the most important aspect of cooperation is the customer’s satisfaction with service and high-quality contact

  • Confidentiality clause

    We sign a confidentiality clause.

Precision down to the smallest detail

Every machine and device is an extraordinary structure that includes a number of complex mechanisms, each with an important task to perform. Nothing is accidental in such a structure, and the slightest mistake can disrupt the entire system and ruin the project you have worked on for years. We are well aware of this, which is why we prepare professional projects based on very precise calculations. We achieve such results not only thanks to specialist knowledge and experience, but also modern software.

The tool we use can handle even the preparation of a very complex structure. That’s why our services guarantee safe construction, stable operation, and, therefore, success in the truest sense of the word. In addition, before starting work on the design, we obtain comprehensive and, above all, necessary information. They concern, among others, the purpose of the equipment and its functions. Such a dose of knowledge allows us to establish basic parameters and proceed to the main stage of our activities. As a result, we can give you a project that stands out because of its precision down to the smallest detail!

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  • The first contact with the client (by e-mail, telephone or in-person), we discuss the goals and assumptions of the project.

  • We give the initial price including person-hours.

  • We develop a concept and specify the conditions of implementation.

  • We prepare detailed design documentation.

  • The client sends the necessary project information.

  • We sign a confidentiality clause.

  • We create a virtual prototype

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